Content Writing

Content Writing Can Be Many Things.

Whether it’s a weekly blog post, body content for a page, or promotional & marketing materials, what your company says, and how you say it matters.
A good content writer is one who not only knows about SEO and keyword targeting, but also one who can write something that excites, enthralls, entices, and most importantly, engages. The key to successful content writing is creating something that captures people's attention and makes them want to read more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Shorthand for Search Engine Optimization) is a method by which content is engineered, through the targeted use of select words, to increase the search rankings of the page. The primary process by which this is accomplished is through the use of “keywords.” These are highly searched words, or sequences of words, which are strategically placed within the text to increase the number of searches the page will appear in, and how close to the top of the search rankings the page is situated. However, each search engine has a different algorithm it uses to determine PageRank, and those algorithms can change without notice. Crafting a page that includes keywords at the right frequency, and in the proper density, is a continually developing art form.
SEO is about more than just packing search terms onto a page, and keywords are not the only thing that will help PageRank. Increasing the number of other pages that link there, increasing the capture rate, and updating the content of the page regularly, can all play into the ranking of, and in what searches, your webpage will appear. Smart SEO is about knowing how to balance all of these things together, to create the best opportunity for the people searching, to find you.

It won’t matter if people can find your page if there is nothing there for them to engage with when they land there. Quality content is well written, captures attention, and begs to be read. Good content writing is put together in such a way as to draw as many people in as possible; great content writing is about keeping them there afterward. Landing times for most pages are measured in seconds. This means that you have a very short window of time to grab your audience. The first thing that someone reads when they land on your page should be a piece of content which has been designed to keep them there.

Experienced Content Writers

Experienced content writers are versatile writers, who can adopt different styles, and different tones, to match your message. From thoughtful articles, original blog posts, or just the “About Us” section of your site, each aspect of your content not only needs to have a consistent voice but also need to say the right thing. Content writers who understand promotion and marketing can add that element to all of your content, creating the right impression every time.
Nothing is more critical to your success than your brand Identity. What you’re getting when you hire an experienced content writer, is more than just words on a page, its someone who understands what your brand means to you, and who has the skills and understanding required to make every word count.
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