Aerial photography is an incredibly powerful selling tool that your business should be taking advantage of!
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Why not let us get it done right for you the first time! Especially when marketing real estate so let us help you capture beautiful air or ground images, you require bringing your property to life. Why not display your property from a unique perspective by combining both ground and drone photography in the context of its surroundings.
At ViDstudios we use aerial techniques that capture the overall vista of the property and its grounds which provides you with unique perspectives that accentuate the main features and allow the property to stand out from all the rest. This new and impressive perspective way of advertising both residential and commercial property will attract customers and help to increase sales. Your aerial photography is our specialty.
We are commercial drone photography and videography experts as well as any ground shots that may be required; we are your go-to company. Our focus is primarily on the B2B market. Our team of qualified photographers knows precisely what your client is looking for today when they are searching your market. We promise to work tirelessly with you to ensure your customers choose you over your competitors.


ViDstudios prides itself on having a dedicated team who specialize in Drone Photography, coupled together with qualified UAV licensed Drone Pilots; we promise to deliver images and video that will amaze both you and your clients.


You need to be able to justify the fantastic features of any property you are aiming to sell describe them through visual effects. Here is where we can help you present those great real estate images both through drone photography and ground photography and video.
If you display the wrong image of yourself or your business it could cost you your next major project. Our team of experts will portray a feeling of trust and industry experience in all your marketing images.
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Great images and great photographs make people pause then press that share button or pick up their phone and call. With over 1.8 billion images being uploaded to the web daily, being ‘good’ at what you do is no longer ‘good’ enough. Being good only allows your company to be overlooked in social media feeds. Aerial photography gives your business that edge that you need to surpass the rest of the competition. This technology offers a unique perspective impossible for anyone to see by photographing from the ground. Aerial photography adds that WOW factor that’s impossible to overlook. Imagine viewing a scene from a bird's eye view; it turns what primarily looks to be a simple scene into a stunning image.

We are all aware that drone photography isn’t new, it has been around for decades. But, before drone photography, the pictures that were taken from the air were only possible with an airplane being very expensive, making those stunning shots impossible for small businesses to acquire. These days drone photography creates that difference, and as a bonus, it isn’t as expensive as you may think. Drone technology has made aerial photography very accessible, even to the smallest businesses.


At ViDstudios we are well aware that every business is different. Therefore every drone photography need is varied. We will organize a personal meeting with you to allow us to see your overall vision; here we will take into considerations your ideas, perspectives and the overall outcome of what is achievable.

We will then sketch out a plan and keep you updated on every step of the way.

Once satisfied with the overall goal we then dispatch our team that ensures the most exceptional results not merely just through the photography shots that were taken on site but then we edit those shots for you utilizing the industry’s best editing software.

We will then deliver you those jaw-dropping images and videos within a quick time frame being maximum three days. We even offer to help upload these photos and videos to your website and social media platforms free of charge.

So let us know if we can be of any help with your upcoming sales project, we are more than willing to deliver you the best in the business, you won't be disappointed!