Here are the hard facts: 62% of internet users search the web before eating out, not to mention that 89% of diners research restaurants online!! So, as a restaurant owner, you not only just need a website, but a functional one. That’s where ViDstudios, local to wants to help, you market your business!

Having a website is simply an extension of your restaurant. It will direct customers to you, and allow them to find out all about your product, the best part being that you’re in control of the content. Potential guests will trust a business that has an aesthetically pleasing, well-engineered and informative website; this comes across professionally.

Let ViDstudios help increase your business.

Great ‘online visibility’ will be achieved by how strong your web presence is, which enables customers to find you. A website will not only allow you to showcase your specialties and services but also share your menu, as well all aspects that set your food and eatery apart from the rest. Your restaurant, being a local business will benefit immensely by being registered on Google Place along with local directories. ViDstudios helps local restaurants in the area create and improve their web presence. We will design you a whole new website or bring your existing site back to life.

Let us highlight why you are special

Your restaurant should be shown in the best possible light. This incorporates things such as photos of happy diners, mouthwatering dishes, and filled tables. Great photographs that help enhance the beauty of the food you serve will create an outstanding web presence that informs and entices at the same time. ViDstudios is a local company whose primary focus is helping your restaurant succeed with our custom web design package specifically tailored to your needs!

Benefits of a VIDstudios designed website

Basic information is vital to provide to your customers. Your first introductory web page will answer basic clients questions including hours of operation, payment methods, menu guide, and location. By putting your contact information on each page of the site, this will give your customers what they are looking for along with promoting products, services, events, and promotions. You can also provide your users with mailing/email list options so they can stay up-to-date with any added changes or upcoming events.
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