Tangerine Ridge in Marana, AZ

Aerial Photography

ViDstudios specializes in real estate aerial photography and videography. We are affordable and work closely with our clients to ensure you get precisely what you need for your sales market. We have top of the line equipment, both drones and ground camera’s so we can capture the internal aspect of the structure as well as the surrounding area from above. We promise to deliver within a week of filming and for September 2017 we are slashing or prices in half so you can have all aspects on any or multiple properties that you wish to market from a stunning perspective.

Aerial Photography Has Many More Applications Than You May Think

For real estate agents, Aerial Photography and videography Services show potential buyers a unique array of features, including:
We encompass high-level aerial shots with stunning views that showcase the entire property and its surrounding areas.
We can fly to any level from ground to 400ft so that we will capture all angles of the home, its property line, layout, and all the saleable features.
Low angled shots will give a unique perspective and a slightly raised angle of the property that typical photography won’t.
We also capture the neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s location and amenities.

Here are the benefits of Aerial Photography and videography for Real Estate Agents:

As a Realtor, you must continually be asking yourself, ‘why use drones to market real estate?’ Are they really practical or necessary to stay competitive? Well, the answer is YES!!
The FAA (Federal Aviation Association) has recently outlined rules for using UAV’s and issued 500 permits for commercial purposes, with the Real Estate market gaining the majority of the share,(more than 30% ), the most popular application being aerial photography and videography which showcase residential Real Estate listings.
Aerial Photography Services is now shaping up to be the next evolution of cutting edge Real Estate marketing tools that are surprisingly affordable.
Imagine the potential a drone has to capture footage of individual properties that may incorporate vast amounts of land with incredible views. Directly to capture those elevated shots previously impossible except using a helicopter to capture images from above or examine the property layout and property line. ViDstudios stands to “elevate” a Real Estate professional’s ability to highlight the unique aspects of any property along with its surroundings.


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