3D logo design experts

February 24, 2018

Here at ViDstudios, we work to deliver nothing but the absolute best product for our clients and we do love to create and design!! One area that we specialize in is 2D and 3D logo design. We can create an entirely new logo for you, or to improve the existing one and add a third dimension to your actual flat logo. All technical aspects of your 2D logo will remain EXACTLY the same from size, colors to all other aspects. but we will bring it to life! We can create as many angle views of your new 3D logo and design it from multiple perspectives.

We can also create your logo using a range of different materials from water, metal, various liquids, fire, grass, plants, light, wood basically anything you can imagine.

You can utilize your new logo anywhere. from website heading billboards, TV commercials, cinema, powerpoint presentations, business cards, and brochures. ViDstudios can even animate your 3D logo!
Files we send you are very easy to customize. We will deliver your logo in a format with each required layer l inclusive of a 3D logo layer, background, shadow, lighting layer and so forth. Due to your 3D logo arrangement being based on the layers it’s simple to change or remove background color, logo color. The number of layers will depend on the final logo design. So please consider us if you are looking for either a new fresh look for your company or a brand new design as we a more than happy to work with you personally through the entire process to ensure you will love the end result!

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