ViDstudios and the importance of ROI for your local business

December 16, 2016

Return On Investment or ROI is critical when you are looking to make an investment whether it be about capital, equipment or terms of training. An ROI will always be required when you are investing in something; this has lead to many people’s success. It will allow you to determine if you’re marketing or advertising campaigns are having any success the idea behind this being to gain a higher return than your initial investment. It should always be versatile and a simple measure which anyone can use. The fact is that if you do not employ an ROI tracking system, you are likely not to gain the profit that was expected.

Here are the main factors concerning website ROI:

The overall Cost of designing and launching your Website:

Prices can range wildly. The money and hours spent while designing and developing your website are the initial baselines for your ROI.

The Maintenance cost for your Website:

Hosing, post launch and other out of pocket expenses are usually affordable. But the time involved in content marketing such as blogging, email marketing, social media, and potential advertising costs can be extremely high. ViDstudios will help; we guarantee to build you a site that will be easy to update. It should never take a designer or programmer to update content.

Your Website Traffic:

Some visitors is the top focus for measuring the success of your website. Your site is far more likely to perform if it was designed to be search engine friendly. Overall, it’s the online marketing, not the website design, that will have the biggest impact on traffic. We at ViDstudios Build sites that are search engine friendly and take into consideration the cost of marketing that is needed to generate traffic.

The Lifespan of your Website:

A great website will produce positive results for at least five or more years, as opposed to a poor site which will need to be redesigned within two years or less. A website that has twice the ROI is effective for twice as long.

The Conversion Rate:

ViDstudios primary objective is to design your website for your visitors, meaning we will build a site that is mobile friendly and responsive, encouraging your visitors to become customers. We use not only compelling designs but also informative content and frictionless interactions.

So, Why is ROI so important?

Due to online marketing being an ever growing industry, ROI tracking will help you to evaluate your website visitors. Allowing you to convert the mere visits and hits into Conversion optimization. Many advertisers use search engines to promote their company making it a wise idea to track the ROI of your advertising campaigns. Lets you identify which campaign has been successful and follow through with that. With the access to the information and statistics about your ROI, this will become a simple and efficient way to review your marketing tactics.

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